Discover DVCon

Make the most of your virtual conference experience!

DVCON U.S. 2021 is pleased to offer Discover DVCon, an incentive program designed to help attendees experience all aspects of the virtual conference while also being entered to win a range of prizes.

The game is laid out to encourage each attendee to visit, interact, and network with as many sponsors, exhibitors and other attendees as possible. One important feature the virtual platform facilitates and encourages is engagements. Sponsors and exhibitors will have scheduled engagement periods scattered throughout the conference during Networking/Exhibit Hall hours. Participation in sponsor or exhibitor networking, presentation or demonstration opportunities will earn the attendee points. At the end of the conference, attendees with at least 20 points will be entered to when a prize.

How to play?

  1. Discover DVCon will begin on March 1st at 16:00 PST and end at March 4th at 13:30 PST.
  2. Be actively logged into the virtual platform during Networking/Exhibit Hall hours
  3. Click the Sponsors icon in the left column menu bar.
  4. Familiarize yourself with the DVCON U.S. 2021 Sponsors & Exhibitors. The company’s virtual space/booth includes overview details, videos, flyers, contact information and more. This information will help you plan out your week and enable you to get connected with representatives.
  5. In the top right corner each virtual space/booth, click the Check In button to earn your points.
  6. Next click the Engagements icon in the left column menu bar to see the sponsor’s and exhibitor’s engagement schedule.
  7. At the scheduled engagement time, join the session by clicking the Engage Now button.
  8. In the top right corner of the video screen there will be a Check In button. Click this button to earn additional points.
  9. The more virtual spaces, booths and engagements you participate in, the more points you will receive.

How points will be calculated?

  1. You will receive 1 point for every virtual space/booth visited and 2 points for every scheduled engagement participated in.
  2. Points can only be gained during Networking/Exhibit Hall hours.
  3. The virtual platform will automatically track your points.


Win gift cards with values ranging from $100 to $500 USD or complimentary registration to attend DVCon U.S. 2022. Winners will be notified the week of March 8th

We understand that these are unprecedented times but we hope that through CONFlux and Discover DVCon we can help our attendees, sponsors and exhibitors make the most of their virtual experiences. DVCON U.S. 2021 has a variety of high-quality presentations from our authors, invited speakers and sponsored speakers. Attendees are encouraged to check out all aspects of the platform, live and on-demand, to maximize their conference experience.

What is Engage?

Engage is a feature within CONFlux (DVCon U.S. 2021 Virtual Platform) that allows attendees, speaker, sponsor and exhibitors to connect in real time. This tool allows you to conference call or video call with participants at any time. To access the feature, login into the virtual platform and click in the left column menu bar.

Scheduled Engagements

Sponsors and Exhibitors have been given the opportunity to schedule 1 or more engage sessions depending on their sponsorship level for attendees to participate in. These sessions will be organized and lead by the sponsors and exhibitors. The sessions range from 30 minutes to an hour and can consist of networking, presentations, demonstrations, and more. All sessions will occur during Networking/Exhibit Hall hours.

Hallway Engagements

Hallway engagements are spontaneous sessions that can be started by any attendee, speaker, sponsor, or exhibitor. Invite any active participant that is active on the platform to join a conference call or video call to continue discussions for technical session or to connect/network. These sessions will not be listed on the program or engagement schedule and will be by invitation only. Hallway engagements are available 24/7 from March 1st to March 4th.

Best Paper/Poster Rating System

Attendees registered under an ALL-ACCESS pass will be able to rate all paper and poster presentations they attend. At the conclusion of the live session visit the presentations profile to rate each individual presentation. The rating scale will be from one to five. Top presentations should receive a 5-star rating. Rating will open on March 2nd at 9:00 PST and close on March 3rd at 16:45 PST.

On March 3rd at 17:00 PST the Best Paper/Poster Presentation Award Ceremony will occur.

Each attendee can only rate a presentation once. The TPC will average the rating on each presentation to reach the final scores. The top 3 rated papers and the top 3 rated posters will be recognized during the Award Ceremony on March 3rd.