Harmonizing Hardware and Software – Inside the Engineer’s Head


By: Josh Rensch, Semifore; Rich Weber, Semifore; Jamsheed Agahi, Semifore

The tape out used to be the end of a chip design project. Now, it’s just the beginning. The chip needs to work in the system. And that means hardware, software, firmware, third party IP and exotic packaging technology all need to work in harmony. Today’s SoCs are highly complex endeavors involving many contributors from many different disciplines. And they all need to be coordinated.

In this short workshop, we’ll explore the challenges of harmonizing hardware and software design for SoC projects. The format will be informal conversations with three experts in this field. Josh Rensch from Semifore will do the interviewing. He’ll be talking with Dave Burgoon, Principal Design Verification Engineer at Microsoft Corporation, Richard Weber, Co-Founder and CEO at Semifore and Jamsheed Agahi, Co-Founder and VP Quality at Semifore.

During these interviews, the speakers will share their real-life perspectives regarding hardware/software design – what’s important and what they learned. We’ll also touch on standards. Where they work and where they fall short. Attendees with gain relevant, actionable information to help them with their next design project as well as have the opportunity to talk live with all panelists during a lively Q&A session after the interviews.

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