UVM Birds of a Feather


Date: March 1st 
Time: 10:30-11:30 PST
Registration Access Level: Exhibits, Panel & Keynote ONLY

Mark Strickland, Marvell
Justin Refice, NVIDIA

The Accellera UVM Working Group has recently delivered a UVM library to match the IEEE 1800.2-2020 specification and is now considering which enhancements and bug fixes to work on next that would most benefit the user community.  A complication is that many in the user community are still using older versions of UVM and so would not benefit from improvements to the 1800.2-2020 library.  This session will gather feedback from the user community to understand what could be done to help users get to 1800.2-2020 as well as what types of improvements would be the most useful.

We will go through a brief history of UVM development in order to understand how we ended up with various versions that are not 100% compatible with each other.  We will present the ideas that the Working Group are considering to expedite migration to the latest version and the ideas for future enhancements.  Then we will use Zoom polling to get a feeling for the current status and the preferences of the audience.  We will conclude with a live Q&A session to gather any feedback that could not be expressed through the polling.