Chip Design on Cloud - from Pipe Dream to Preeminence?


Date: March 3rd
Time: 13:00-14:00 PST
Registration Access Level: Exhibits, Panel & Keynote ONLY

By: Ann Mutschler, Semiconductor Engineering; Megan Wachs, SiFive; Bob Lefferts, Synopsys; Eric Chesters, AMD; Richard Ho, Google LLC; Sashi Obilisetty, Google LLC


Gartner predicts that by 2025, about 80% of the datacenters will move to the cloud. Inherent benefits of the cloud, such as elasticity, fault tolerance, and security cannot be matched by on premise data centers. Indeed, cloud is the datacenter of choice for several industries from retail to banking to manufacturing.Chip design and verification on cloud has been a topic for decades (many among us remember the efforts of EDA companies in the early 2000s). However, the cloud - as it is today - is stunningly different. But what is the state of chip design on cloud? Are companies designing successfully on the cloud? Are migration efforts underway at companies? What works? What doesn’t? Hear from a panel of designers and infrastructure experts on their experience with cloud. Learn about what works, what doesn’t work or what cannot work! 

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