Accelerate Signoff with JasperGold RTL Designer Apps


Date: March 4th
Time: 11:30-12:30 PST
Registration Access Level: ALL-ACCESS 

By: Pete Hardee, Marketing;  Kanwarpal Singh, Solutions Architect; Bijitendra Mittra, Solutions Architect 

In this workshop, we will take the attendees through using the JasperGold Superlint and CDC applications, which add formal verification technology and functional checks to these structural checks. The JasperGold technology supports the designers to identify the real problem violations, confirming fixes, and providing justification for waiving the violations that are not problematic. Additional automatic formal checks are provided for functional verification of many aspects of the design, using properties derived automatically from the RTL. Workshop attendees will learn how these JasperGold RTL Designer apps combine to “shift left” these checks, providing a much more complete level of automated verification. The result is that RTL designers are able to sign off higher quality, more robust and CDC/RDC-clean designs, months earlier in the project schedule. 

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