Getting to Know Accellera’s Emerging Hardware Security Standard: Security Annotation for Electronic Design Integration


Date: March 1st 
Time: 9:00-10:00 PST
Registration Access Level: ALL-ACCESS 

By: Jean-Philippe Martin, Intel; Brent Sherman, Intel; John Hallman, OneSpin

This session will introduce an emerging new standard called Security Annotation for Electronic Design Integration (SA-EDI) to address security concerns in a manner that is low-overhead, non-disruptive, and scalable across IP families. The standard specifies an approach to provide information about the IP security relevant to the integrator and recommended mitigations to implement and risk to address.  At the conclusion of this session, attendees will better understand risks associated with IP and become familiar with the SA-EDI standard, including how it can be applied and when it will be available for reference.

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